Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of lisa.evans@azlan.co.uk

Story Name: The Shoe Lady
From: Lisa Evans

My Jack Russell Story:

We once owned a tri-coloured JRT called Beauty when I was about 14, and she was really very smart! She did all the usual tricks, like sitting up and begging - she could sit for ages like that, clicking her front claws together for attention! And she wasn't allowed upstairs at all, but always knew how to sneak past my mother when the fancy took her! But the best thing she knew was how to fetch shoes. We had a 'shoe box' for walking shoes, boots & wellies etc and when we told her to 'fetch my shoes' she would go to the shoe box (which was just a mixed pile of footwear), drag one out and bring it, then go back and ALWAYS bring the matching shoe/boot - whatever! And she did that without being taught, honest!! Sadly, she met with an untimely death, at the age of 4 - we all missed her very much, but we still chuckle over the things she got up to!

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