Jack Russell Story

Story Name: TV Addict Thinks He Can Enter TV Land
From: Michele Leibundgut

My Jack Russell Story:

Our JR pup, Rodman, loves to watch TV. He sits on the couch with us staring at the TV hoping and waiting to see a ball. When he spys a ball, he'll quickly run and jump up to the TV screen in hopes of leaping right into TV Land to catch his prey. He chases after TV golf balls, baseballs, soccer balls . . . you name it. If it can be thrown and run after, Rodman will attempt to run and catch it. He also seems intrigued by words that quickly flash on the TV screen. His jumping at the TV can be annoying, but most of the time he cracks us up with laughter. We are amazed at what he actually sees and runs at. Thankfully, Rodman stops this behavior when he's told to. I haven't quite figured out his favorite TV show, but like most "kids" he'll watch just about anything!

And yes, my daughter named him after the famous Dennis Rodman, Chicago Bulls Player. Our pup is just as crazy and flamboyant as his namesake, and Rodman is tons of fun to play with and to watch..

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