Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Puppy Dribbles the Ball
From: Jules s. Xavier

My Jack Russell Story:

Tassja knows soccer.
The year-old Jack Russell discovered her soccer prowess while attending a practice with her master. While the ladies worked on their foot control during a dribbling drill, Tassja decided she wanted to participate. So, grabbing a loose soccer ball (she actually stole it from an unsuspecting player) she demonstrated her British roots by dribbling the ball all over the field. Her size, and proximity to the the ground, allowed her full control of the ball. She was a natural. The coach watched in amazement. The ladies stopped their drills to admire Tassja's ball control. The end result of this story - now the coach is trying to figure a way to get Tassja into the lineup. Now, if only the opponents and referee won't complain.

Next up - teach Tassja how to score!

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