Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Molly Comes Back
From: Bob Allen

My Jack Russell Story:

Molly is the name of a Jack Russell living in Ontario, Canada. She was still a relatively young JR with more than enough inquisiveness for her age. She lives on a small farm in the community of Harriston.

Several weeks ago she decided to chase the cows around the lot. Nipping and barking she went only to meet her demise when the cows began kicking and stomping her into the mud. Lifeless she laid there with blood dripping from her nose and mouth.

Shocked and sadden by Molly's "death" the owners placed her into a 2 1/2 foot deep grave and covered Molly with earth. As tears fell from their cheeks, the family said a prayer for Molly. That night a cold, wet downpour of rain drenched the area.

Later in the afternoon the next day as the mother was taking some items to the trash, a slight movement caught the corner of her eye. Sitting there on the porch was Molly, bloody and muddy, but wagging her tail. Although bruised she was non the less in pretty good shape given her ordeal.

Today she has recovered fully. When asked if she would chase any more cows she barked, "Arf..arf...arf." When means "Cows what cows"? This is a true story. Do you know of any other JRs who have "risen from the grave." So far Molly has not "walked on water."

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