Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Barkley Gets Even
From: Pamela

My Jack Russell Story:

For Mother's Day last year my husband and daughters bought me a jrt, because I had always wanted one. Well as soon as she came home I started spoiling her. I named her Barkley. Barkley follows me everywhere; if I'm sitting down she HAS to be on my lap, and I HAD BETTER be petting her or she'll pester me constantly!

Well of course she sleeps with me! Unfortunately I work at a hospital, sometimes putting in as much as 80 hours a week. She gets very upset that I'm not home to pet her, so on the nights I am home she wants me to stay awake and give her LOTS of attention.

One night I crawled into bed with a book in one hand and petting Barkley with the other. After awhile I told her to lay down, but she had other ideas; after all, I hadn't been home for quite sometime. So she pushed her nose up under my hand, her signal that she wanted to be petted some more. Telling her to lay down, I scowled at her, and she scowled back (as most of you know, they can give you that dirty look when angry). She went to the bottom of the bed and glared at me some more. After a few minutes she stepped up on my stomach and continued to glare at me. Putting my book on my chest I asked "What do you want now?" She squatted on my stomach and pissed on me! Yes that's right she pissed on me!! She spent the rest of the night outside, but needless to say I give her lots of attention when I'm home. My bed stays drier that way.

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