Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Not for the weak stomached folks...
From: Lisa Thompson

My Jack Russell Story:

I have a wonderful, lovable 1 year old female JRT, Lucie. Although I live in the city with a fenced in yard, she still manages to find various forms of wildlife to "hunt." One day a few weeks ago, she was in a playful mood, so I was chasing her around the yard. She kept picking up a small "pinecone" and running with it when I got close to her. I finally got tired and sat down, and she came over to lay next to me. When she dropped the "pinecone," I realized it wasn't a pinecone, but a bird head.

Today, when I let her in from outside, she smelled so bad I had to leash her in the kitchen until I could get some bath water ready. I later found out that a bird had pushed an egg out of its nest, and Lucie found it and rolled in it.

She has attacked cats, and has attacked and killed 3 possums, many bumblebees, lizards, crickets, you name it!

Lucie's so lovable, obedient, and sweet otherwise, you'd never know she was such a hunter. These dogs are definitely not for those with a weak stomach!!

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