Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Puppy Love
From: Robbye Hamilton

My Jack Russell Story:

My JRT,Vinnie, has been the ruler of the roost since coming to us in December of '96. I'm a teacher and sometimes as a treat, I'm not sure who for Vin or my students, he has gone to school with me. We have a very diverse student population that includes children with special needs. One of these children fell in love with Vinnie and asked me constantly when was I bringing him back to school.

The last day of school I took Vinnie with me. Our first stop was the special needs class. To my surprise the little boy wasn't in his wheelchair, but playing on the carpet. I was afraid Vinnie would jump all over him like he does me when we play on the floor. You can imagine my surprise when my usually frisky dog crouched down and inched towards the little boy (crawling is all I know to call it) and then licked his face and hands. Bad dogs? I don't think so, not always.

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