Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Update on Millie, a Rescue Dog
From: Kim Loar

My Jack Russell Story:

Back on a cold, rainy day in Nov. 1995, we met David and Peggy Ross at a rest stop in New Jersey to pick up Millie. Our JR had died suddenly and Catherine Brown arranged for us to adopt Millie. Her owner was dying and he wanted her to be placed in a good home. We just wanted to let David, Peggy, and Catherine know that Millie is doing wonderfully and is the joy of our lives. She is currently enjoying racing after the water from the garden hose, watching TV, and napping on her (our) bed. Although she is not allowed to watch Frasier or Funniest Home Videos (she attacks the TV), she is busy chasing the squirrels and rabbits in the yard. She has decided that our 17 yr. old cat is not all that fascinating and they have worked out a truce. In the middle of the night a couple months ago, Millie got up off the bed and was barking in a very angry manner. No sooner did we get up when we heard a truck race away from the front of our house. Maybe Millie rescued us too???

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