Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Blind Faith
From: Jason Williams

My Jack Russell Story:

I recently bought a JRT from a friend. I knew nothing about these dogs and neither did my friend . But now, I thank God every day for letting me stumble into the best dog you could ever own.

I bring Ponce(my dog) almost everywhere with me. One day I took him to the beach. He loves to run around on the beach, but he gets scared of the waves. At this particular beach, the waves were breaking about 3 feet right on shore.(on dry sand!) I would run really close to the waves before they would break and Ponce would follow me. Then one time I ran full speed, head- first, straight into an oncoming wave.(and I'm not exaggerating when I say a 3 foot wave) I though Ponce would get scared and turn around, but he didn't.

He charged it just as hard as I did, without hesitation, head-first, following right behind me. He got drilled, the wave devoured him. But he came up swimming for shore. My buddy was on shore, watching the whole time. He couldn't stop laughing. That little episode just showed me how loyal my dog really is.

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