Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Caught on tape!!
From: Beaudy

My Jack Russell Story:

When we first got our Jack russell (Harley) he was very playful. But every time we would go out we would come back and everything that was on the kitchen counter before we left would be gone by the time we got home! You see, our kitchen counter is about 4 feet off the ground. So one day we set up our video camera in the kitchen. We left some toast on the table. Sure enough when we came back about 30 mins later, the toast was gone. So we watched the tape when we got home. We where crying from laughing so HARD! What he would do was jump on one chair, then jump on the table, then make a good 3 foot jump to the counter! And have his feast of course. anyway, thanx for reading my story on Harley!

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