Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jinx ....My Best Friend
From: Jennifer Shirlaw

My Jack Russell Story:

After searching months for the right JRT ... there she was ... this amazing animal brightened my gray life...i knew her name would be Jinx when i saw her, because she looked like a circus dog. Just like you would see when you were a kid.

She is the queen of our house.....

*lots of toys and attention
*ice cubes when its hot out etc...

My boyfriend was walking her early one morning when out of no where a huge pit bull ran out of a yard and tried to maul Jinx ... he scouped up Jinx and yelled for the owner to get this animal away from them...anyway Jinx surrvived with a bite out of her ear (like a bite out of a piece of wonderbread) the baby wasn't too upset. She is my best buddy and always welcomes me with cries and kisses everytime I come home..

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