Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Odd Love for An Odd Jack
From: Chrissie

My Jack Russell Story:

Well, once again I am writing about my odd little Jack Chuckie. Chuck usually doesn't get along with big dogs, especially the dogs who enter his territory ( Raisen the labrador across the street ) and will, almost always charge and end up on top of the big dogs chest with Raisen whimpering for Chuck to get off. But ever since Chuck laid eyes on Lexi, ( the other dog across the street ) he was in love. Whenever Lexi is let outside by her master, Chuck whimpers and cries for me to let him out to play with her. Once when I was walking along the street with Chuck and Lexi, a person asked me what is his name?( pointing to Lexi ) And I reply He's a she and her name is Lexi. And they say What is her name?( pointing to Chuckie ) And I say, she's a he and his name is Chuck. (:-)

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