Jack Russell Story

From: Lydia

My Jack Russell Story:

Well straight into the story! It was Easter time this year (1997) and I had just woken up to find an Easter egg on the table from my mum and dad. My little sister got up as well and found she had a box of roses. I sat down to watch TV while my little sister started to open her chocolates. My little sister told me she didn't like turkish delights and asked if I would like them, and I said yes! I then went to go on the computer leaving my easter egg and about 8 turkish delight chocolates.

I had an hour on the computer and then went back inside to find my easter egg and my turkish delights GONE! First I blamed my little sister who is always playing jokes like that so I thought it was her! Beth (my sister) denied taking the chocolate and said where is Billie? I ran out to the back yard to tell mum that my chocolate had gone missing but instead I found Billie chewing a rapper from an easter egg and 8 turkish delight rappers spread around the yard! Billie cowered as she saw me coming towards her with a face of anger I screamed at her and she ran off! That same night Billie wouldnt(couldn't) eat her dinner! WHAT A NAUGHTY DOG!! I hope you like my jack russell story!

Webmaster's Note: never let your dog eat chocolate if at all possible since it can be very dangerous for them.

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