Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Deeo the Soccer Dog
From: Peter Barber

My Jack Russell Story:

Deeo (short for D.O.G.) was our JRT. Although not pure JR she displayed all the traits described by other writers. SO smart words like "walk" & "cat" had to be spelled in front of her. A smooth coat JR with upright ears, she was a beautiful dog.

Her particular skill, however, were displayed with a soccer ball. She could dribble and work that ball, even balancing on her nose at tmes, she was well known at the local soccer club.

Sadly Deeo got very ill and despite the best of vet care, she passed away. Her passing has left a space in the lives of our family, yet we are unsure about getting another dog for fear it would suffer by comparison.

After reading all these JR stories I know we will get another one...soon.

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