Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Leap of Faith
From: Ruthi

My Jack Russell Story:

My JRT,Molly the Magnificent,will be three years old in October. She is the sweetest, silkiest, funniest little pup. A great source of amusement, and my best friend.

One of her most favourite activities is playing Frisbee with my boyfriend John. Molly is seriously in love with John, and will cry and grieve when he's not around. He is her "true love"! Anyway, when they play with the Frisbee, Molly will do just about anything to get to that toy. While John was traveling, I took Molly out to get her Frisbee 'fix', and being a poor thrower, accidentally threw the Frisbee into a bush that was about 5 1/2 feet tall. About three feet from the bush is a stairway. Molly took off after the Frisbee, ran to that bush, looked up, and for a short moment, was puzzled over where the Frisbee has gone! She saw the Frisbee laying at the top of the bush, looked at the stairway, and took off to the landing of the stairs. She ducked under the railing and before I could stop her, or even think about what she intended to do, she literally FLEW into the bush! I think she thought that bush was solid, like grass, because she fell like a brick through the bush, landed on the ground with the Frisbee in her mouth, and triumphantly ran off with no injury. She was truly a "flying pup"!

Next time the circus comes to town, I think I'll try to get Molly a job! What a plucky little pup!

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