Jack Russell Story

Story Name: the Most Naughtiest Dog in the Whole Wide World
From: Priya

My Jack Russell Story:

My dog's name is JACK. He is very naughty. WHY? I tell you why. Around a year ago, my mum scolded JACK for barking for nothing. I loved JACK so much that I was the only one who did not scold him. On the same day,I guess in the evening, my family and I went out for a dinner and returned home around 11p.m.When my mum opened the door, guess what she saw? All her stuff were on the floor.Not only hers but also my dad's & brother's. The most surprising thing is that only my stuff was not touched at all. We found JACK in my room sleeping on my bed. My mum found that what JACK did was very cute that she carried him & tucked him onto his bed.

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