Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Silly Penny!
From: Veronica Terefenko

My Jack Russell Story:

I got my JR (Penny) about 3 weeks ago, (she is now 3 months old) and I love her. She just plays, and plays with my other dog (Josey, 7).

When Josey is eating, Penny will get closer and closer, just to test her limits. Well, Josey would show her teeth and growl lightly, but that did not stop Penny! One day, Penny got about 1 inch from the dish and Josey let out this HUGE bark. You know how in the cartoons, when the big dog bark, the little one will roll backwards, well, that is what happened to Penny.

Josey barked and Penny rolled! I 'bout died laughin'!!!!!

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