Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Pepper the Wonder Dog
From: Lesli Lewis

My Jack Russell Story:

Our JRT is one year old and the joy of our life. My husband and I own a Roofing Bus. One day to my husbands surprise Pepper had scaled a two story ladder and was on the roof! Our Pepper is becoming famous in our small town. Its not every day you see a Dog on the roof with his master. My husband loves taking Pepper to work and I know Pepper has a wonderful time. No one can believe this dogs ability to climb ladders. Of course we knew how smart he was from day one. Pepper used to perk up and start jumping around when he heard the word RIDE. So we starting spelling the word out, your guessed it he picked up on what R-I-D-E was. My children really think he can spell now. Pepper has been so special and our lives improved when we discovered how to catch him when he darts out of the door. A piece of H-A-M!That is unless it happens to be trash day, then your might as well forget it, he will come home when he's good and ready. He loves to play and gets heart broken if not included. He loves to chase my son on his mini bike, and swim with the kids in the pool.

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