Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Miracle Dog
From: Angie Roberts

My Jack Russell Story:

This past February my Jack Russell, Oliver, had a brush with death. Of course he had to get sick over a holiday weekend, but for a few days we noticed that Oliver was not going to the bathroom. So when the vet re-opened that Tuesday we took him immediately. But by that time he was deathly ill. You see he had a kidney stone that lodged in his bladder cutting off the blood circulation and killed it(so they Thought!). When we took him back to see the Vet he just lay limp on the table. The vet came in and clapped his hands over his face, now to a well Jack that would be unacceptable but Oliver was too sick to care. They rushed him into emergency surgery. They told me he wouldn't live but they did the surgery to give him a new hole or as the vet put it double exhaust. To make a long story short Oliver made it with a lot of help from the Vet and many diapers. My vet said to me the other day any other dog wouldn't have survived but he is a Jack Russell. The Grim Reaper came knocking at his door but Oliver just growled and bit him. He is now back to normal. But we still frequent the vet for oliver's tenancy to get into trouble. He is still called the miracle dog there.

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