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Story Name: Ale' and the best 4th ever
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My Jack Russell Story:

Note: some of the names have been changed or altered to protect the innocent

Before all this media, before, back in a time when still the general public had never heard of the Jack Russell Terrier, I met Bran and Corky. Corky was a pain in the @$$, aggressive, high strung, "talkative" and really, really cute. I loved this little bitch (an no,I don't mean it in a offensive way). Well under very strange circumstances Bran & Corky can to live with me in my home. I learned about JRTs and now loved them more. For free he gota JRT named Soccer, Corky got pregnant by him. By stranger circumstances brad moved out, as the last months rent "money" he gave me a pup. This is whom the story is about, her name is Grand Finale', I call her Alle'.


It was 4th of July, Ale' was asleep at the foot of my bed. She is only 4 months old but has to sleep there so she can "Protect me". It was 5:30am and I was awakened by,no not birds singing sweetly out side my window, but Ale's low growl. My bed room door was opening. She barked.I saw a face out side my door. I nearly jumped out of my skin, Ale' jumped off the bed and greeted the house keeper. "Don't scar me like that!" I snapped at the 70something year old woman. "Wake up and get ready to go, your fathers waiting."(by the way,I'm in collage and just turned 21 and was staying with my father on my summer break) "Oh yeah." I remembered. I got dressed, got the dogs food, food & water dish, toys, raw hide chew & leash. My cousin Richard (12) was with us. We picked up my uncle D.(I don't even Know his whole name)and were on or way to the Hunington beach 4th of July parade. Ale' loved the horses and all the publicity (at least 90 people admired her, forgetting the parade,that morning.) but hated the drums. She had a great time, I got sun burned. Then we left, we stopped at Luckys grocery store and withdrew some money and bought some sun screen. We ate at Taco Bell and she got half of my quesadilla. Next up, the beach. She got more attention from about 10, no, 20 more people there. It was her 1st time at the beach, she followed me to the water and when a wave would come she'd run back up to the beach. She soon tired of this game and went for the pigeons. Then she heard it. There it was again."Ekk ekk ekk". There were varmits in them thar bushs. Squirrels, oh she had a blast chasing them, couldn't catch none, though. It got chilly and the rip tide was coming in so we decided it was fire works time.W e went and bought a "Valu-pac" of fire works. Went to D.'s, ate, picked up his girl friend and her daughter (who kept yelling: Wisvone,wisvone - translation:wishbone.) We set off or fire works in a lot in back of Knot's Berry farm,which Ale' didn't seem to mind. And, like every year, most of the fire works were duds. Then,"BANG BANG BOOM BANG!" Ale' ran and nearly chocked her self on her leash. I held her close for the next half hour while we all admired the "pwetty wireworks" set off at Knotts. We drove home after along day, I think we all had a wonderful time.

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