Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Pair of Hunters
From: Marilyn Ireland

My Jack Russell Story:

Our JRT puppy is 6 1/2 months old. He is a wonderful addition to our household. We also have a Black Lab Retriever who is 5 years old. Duncan (JRT) and Sonny(Lab) are a very successful pair of hunters. Sonny has wanted to catch those darn squirrels and crows for years, and finally he has the partner to help him. I watched the other day as a squirrel ran along to top of our 6 foot fence. Sonny hit the fence, with his chest, as hard as he could. This caused the squirrel to fall into the yard, where Duncan was running with his mouth open. Needless to say, our squirrel population is dwindling. It is so interesting to see two completely different animals working together so completely. They are the best of buddies, and go everywhere together.

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