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Story Name: My dog Points birds!
From: Angee Berry

My Jack Russell Story:

Yes it is true!! Our JRT Scooter is going to be a year old next month and she can point birds. My husband originally trained her to retrieve dove. Since we do a lot of dove hunting but just recently we've been getting into quail hunting. So last weekend we were up visiting my father who lives in Abilene and sure enough Scooter is in his back yard pointing birds. Since my dad trains hunting dogs we gave her the real test can she find a quail, point it and retrieve it. We set-up two birds in a release pen and sure enough Scooter found them both. My husband missed the first one but Scooter found the next bird, and my husband hit that one, and my little Scooter retrieved it and laid it at my husband's feet. She's just awesome!!! She's going to be the best bird dog in Texas!! She loves to hunt and has been doing it since she was 3 months old! JRT's can do anything folks if you work with them! Take care and happy hunting.

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