Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Jackie We Hardly Knew Ye - a Eulogy
From: David Rogers

My Jack Russell Story:

He roared into our lives from a chicken coop
a ball of hair and slobber and poop
A lightweight guy of pure, raw muscle
Much more than a dog was little Jack Russell

He made friends easily it took only a meeting
From then on you could bank
on a warm, wet greeting
You could be down and out - To Hell & Back
Still I'd defy you not to warm to our Jack

Alas now we've lost him - His life was too brief
Snatched early one morn by that Grim Reaper thief
But wherever Jack is now he's gone his last mile,
Bet he's tugging a stuffed toy
and makin' 'em smile

And up at the factory
where they assemble our pets-
I'd like them to know we have few regrets
For Jack was near perfect -
like from a catalog...
'Cept the heart of a lion
just don't last in a dog

-----In Memory of Jackie Russell b12/95 d7/96

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