Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Tribute to my Harley
From: T. Coomer

My Jack Russell Story:

The story I'm about to tell has a sad ending, so fair warning. My husband and I were married in June of last year, moved to my college town where I am a pre-vet student and he worked 35 miles away. We became avid fans of JRTs and had to have one, so in Sept. we found our beloved Harley, the exact markings, personality, and quality we were looking for. He was my companion, we went everywhere together, slept together after my husband would leave for work, took showers together. There was nowhere I could go that he didn't want to come along. So when he turned 6 mos. old and began having seizures I was in hysterics. The vet I worked for did bloodwork, head x-rays, everything came out normal. We were able to control the seizures with Phenobarbitol, or so I thought. Harley had a couple of sets of seizures a couple of months afterwards, but we got those under control also. It was apparent we would have to deal with this epilepsy all his life, I was prepared to give the required meds, so long as I could have my Harley. Harley and I had 6 more wonderful months together, romping and playing with his other best friend, a CAT!, Poody-tat, until he had another set of seizures one Thurs. at 2:30am. I rushed him to my vet's house and medicated him, watching him all night, no more...until the next afternoon, then Friday night and morning, he was metabolizing the Pentabarbitol too fast, and waking up way before he should be. So, Sat. we decided to do a spinal tap, see what was going on. I was unsure, but trusted my vet, my friend. They did the procedure and felt we needed to keep him out all day, in order for the seizures to pass. Well, in the process of doing so he went into respiratory arrest, his respiratory system had been suppressed too far, he had stopped breathing. We began immediate CPR, pure oxygen to breathe for him, epinephrine, everything we could do. This went on for some time, I don't even know how long. As I stood there I remained strong, had to be for my Harley. But, not strong enough. My Harley died that Saturday as I stood there unable to do a thing about it. We buried him that afternoon, and I mourned until I was unable to eat, couldn't get up in the morning without getting sick to my stomach. All because my best friend, my little boy passed away. But, atleast now I know he will never have another seizure, and I am just proud to have had him in my life, if only for a short time. I know it will be some time before I am able to have another dog, but I know I will want another JRT. It won't ever replace my Harley, he was too special.

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