Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: My "Klingon"
From: Deborah Sluis

My Jack Russell Story:

What to say first about my daughter's 3year old Jack Russell, Tazmanian Devil, except I love her so very much. My daughter is in college, and this little dog has built such a bond with me, the other kids say she is my "Klingon"--get it--Cling on? She has to go into bathroom with me. She goes along for horseback rides. I must be sure she is locked up in the house when I leave in the car, or she will not give up running after me! (She doesn't chase anyone else in the family like this) She sleeps under the covers BETWEEN my husband and I! She is ferocious, loves glorious battles with any living creature that comes too close to the house! (WE live in rural Minnesota, so there are plenty of animals! This little dog has my Rottweiler worshipping at her feet! I don't think that I can stand the thought of my daughter moving out of the house and taking Taz with her!! I'm completely hooked! I REALLY LOVE this little dog! Guess I better get another one soon.

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