Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Working dog
From: Mckean Tom

My Jack Russell Story:

My mother had always loved my JRT so about 4 months ago she went out and got herself a new pup. After only a few days we could see that her little "zipper" was not a normal JRT. I'll admit my dog is smart but I think young zipper could do my taxes for me. Zipper is only 5 1/2 months old and can do things my 2 year old JRT couldn't even dream of. I mean Zipper knows every trick in the book. He even likes to help my mom do the laundry. When ever she starts little Zipper will run through the house looking for dirty clothing on the floor. If there is anything laying around Zipper grabs it and heads to the laundry room. This little wonder dog is only getting smarter as he grows up, and I never know what my mom will have him doing next. Maybe she could show him how to mow the lawn, or take out the trash.

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