Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Boomer's Fight for Life !
From: Tammy Wood

My Jack Russell Story:

Lesson's learned and the strength of the Jack Russell Terrier. Rocky "Boomer" Balboa our one year old JRT had gone to work with Dad, after a long run, he had displayed panting and looked as if he was having a seizure. HEATSTROKE. Dad rushed him to the nearest vet and they were not able to treat him. Boomer went to another vet where he was diagnosed with HEATSTROKE and even worse, the next morning blood work confirmed he was in DIC (uncontrollable bleeding). He also went into kidney failure and had severe liver problems. Boomer became very jaundice (yellow). The vet said in school they usually call it Dead In Cage. Very few dogs and even humans survive. Well Boomer was a fighter and after 4 plasma transfusion, lots of antibiotics, and the 24 hour care from a group of wonderful vets, Boomer came home a week ago- he was the first dog to ever survive at their hospital from DIC. We are happy to say that he seems to have a complete recovery and the latest blood work shows his liver is functioning normal, he is 110 % now !! We had a huge vet bill ($2,700.00) and a lot of our co-workers and family couldn't believe we spent that on a dog. Well we don't see Boomer as just a dog, but as a part of our family. We also have a Dalmatian "Spanky" and two cats "Tassie" and "Misty" oh and did I mention two beautiful girls Meagan (11) and Amanda (6). We added Rocky Balboa to his name because he was such a fighter. Thank you to all of our friend and family for their prayers and concerns.

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