Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Alfie the flappy eared
From: Eleanor Rose

My Jack Russell Story:

We have a large Jack Russell, and his name is Alfie. One thing we noticed about him when we got him was that he had very large and flappy ears. He was also VERY large. We had a rabbit at the time when we got him and he was very interested... When the rabbit died, Alfie was about 1 year old. We have recently bought a new one, and the dog seems to like the rabbit's food... The rabbit is called William and is now 7 weeks of age and Alf likes sniffing him. Alfie is very sweet and affectionate and has "The Eyes" and eyebrows that you can see from the back of his head and they are orangey brown. You can't trust Alfie when there's food around... he worships the god of food. As my friend Rachel Guilbert says, Never trust a dog with orange eyebrows!

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