Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Dudley, Dudley, Dudley
From: Marie James

My Jack Russell Story:

Our Jack Russell is a character,,, He has such a responsive face it is unbelievable. Dudley loves to catch "Bugs" which are lizards ! He plays in the yard, goes "Under" the plants and scrubs in the yard to catch the bugs. One day we were all on the lanai just watching him chase the bugs in the yard, and he leaps up a catches a little bird from the branch of the tangelos tree in our yard. Needless to say we now know that Dudley can leap high enough to get the birds and squirrels out the tree, and then bring it to us so he can SHOW OFF his prize catch of the Day. Lizards mom can handle but the birds, well Dudley is Dudley so we must adjust!!!! He was so proud of himself, smiling from ear to ear!!!!! What a dog!

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