Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Requiem for a Chipmunk
From: Jeff & Hallie Marker

My Jack Russell Story:

Our JRT, Bobo, now age 7, goes ballistic whenever he crosses the path of a rodent. He'll emit the most high-pitched squeals & barks in his efforts to close ground between him and the offending mammal. One recent afternoon, Bobo was hot on the trail (in our backyard) of some miscreant varmint: Bobo eventually narrowed his search to a drainpipe along the side of the house. He plunged his head inside the lowest section of pipe: desperately, he tried to get closer to the thing that had commanded his attention. Barking frantically, he snatched the pipe and began tearing at it. Growling all the while, he tugged and tugged until the pipe tore loose. As the section of pipe flew off, I noticed a wisp of the tail of a tiny chipmunk clinging for his life on the next section of pipe. Bobo yanked at the tail, and a rather startled and terrified chipmunk fell to the ground. Hardly believing his good fortune, Bobo stared for a second at his prey: Bobo's ears were pricked up, and his brow was furrowed in thought and excitement. But this moment of contemplation cost Bobo dearly: the chipmunk seized upon this lapse and darted under our patio. Indignant, Bobo yelped and attempted to burrow under the house to find the escapee, but to no avail. Bobo, however, did manage to coat himself completely in mud, and he received numerous scratches around his muzzle from his wrestling session with the drainpipe. All in all, Bobo seemed rather pleased with himself as he solidified his reputation with us as the scourge of rodents everywhere.

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