Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Tiger and The New Patio
From: Susan

My Jack Russell Story:

Tiger was only 6 mo. of age when we moved into a new condominium. I immediately ran out to the department store to buy my first patio furniture. After her assistance in assembling, I showed Tiger her new veranda. I then went out for the evening and left Tiger sitting on her pillow on the patio. When I came home from the movies I decided to enjoy my patio with Tiger over a cold drink. When I sat upon the lounge cushion, I realized Tiger had christened the cushion by tinkling on it. That ended the evening and we went to bed. The next morning I came out to find where Tiger had chewed the wooden wheels square on the lounger, knawed on the arm rests, and had pulled all the buttons from the cushions. In disbelief I went back to bed. When I awakened later and looked down at the patio from the window, Tiger was standing on the coffee table with potting soil on her nose and part of my potted plant hanging from her lips looking up at me! That was the first of many occasions I threatened Tiger with the classified application from The Chronicle of the Horse. It was the first of many such Tiger-like occurrences. Tiger and I were together until she passed away at age 10 years. According to her veterinarian she was 130% JRT.

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