Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Cyrus and Puppy School
From: David Huntington Williams

My Jack Russell Story:

When Cyrus was about seven months old it became clear that obediance school was a must. Cyrus is a tall (15inches) handsome Jack Russell with speed and energy and pure will.

I enrolled him in dog school and attended with him. Cyrus mastered all of the skills he was supposed to. He could sit, and heel, and come, and stop etc. He even has a degree with his name on it to prove it.

The problem is he did it HIS WAY. When all the dogs would sit in a line Cyrus would do so and FACE BACKWARDS. When he was asked to come, he would come S L O W L Y. He was, well, defiant. He still is. I suspect that's why we love him so.

Cyrus' class mates were obediant and boring. Cyrus makes the rude gesture and does what he wishes.

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