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Story Name: Losing my JRT........
From: Calee Travis

My Jack Russell Story:

4 weeks ago, while I was away on vacation, our 7 year old beloved JRT Mario convinced our housesitter that he desperately needed a walk. In her effort to accommodate our feisty fellow she put on his chock chain and leash and proceeded out with him. Not far down the street she apparently didn't realize she had clipped the wrong end of the chain and in his excitement of seeing the park where he and I routinely went for him to "hunt" he slipped from the collar and ran into the street. Well, the rest is history, we are grief stricken. My husband and children are all trying to deal with this tragic lose. He was one of a kind, hunting the polaris in the swimming pool for hours on end, policing our cats, keeping the soccer ball away from the kids and just being the 100% JRT he was. I want another I realized today. And I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with a reputable breeder in the North Texas/southern Oklahoma area. I want to look around for another one of these great dogs. Mario was a 14 inch, smooth coat with some broken hair. Tri color and beautiful conformation. I don't want to bore you with my sadness, but you the comforting thing about all of this is that Mario was killed on the 3 week anniversary of my father's funeral and my Dad loved walking Mario, so I just know they are up there together walking in the woods chasing the rabbits and the squirrels. Thank you for listening. Calee Travis

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