Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Always Wear Rubber Hose When You Visit
From: Pam

My Jack Russell Story:

My jack russell terrier, McGyver, found it nigh to impossible to hold his bladder when he was a puppy. Actually it took him about 2 or 3 years, to gain any control at all. It was always a problem if unexpected guests came to the door. The fact that my husband had to move his business into the house really made life interesting. As soon as I knew that someone was at the door, I would haul off the dog to the back yard till the coast was clear. One day my Mom arrived and before I knew it he had lifted his leg to give her a good drenching. A person with a great sense of humor, she said,"Pam dear, next time I come to visit, remind me to wear rubber hose." McGyver is now 7 years old and has very few accidents, but sometimes pees on the rug when we leave him alone. Thus, one nickname that he has earned is "Leaky Pete"!!

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