Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jack another Rescue in need
From: Sandie La Vake

My Jack Russell Story:

I have been training dogs for some years now down at my local Obedience Club, however, this is the first time JR's have been brought to class ( by someone other than myself). This time there were three. Murry, Maggie and Jack. Maggie and Jack are brother and sister and were owned by the same couple. Natually I was elated to have JR's in my class for the first time and I handed them each Club Brochers and the "Bad Dog Talk" . I also gave them my name and number if there ever was any JR related problems that needed solving. All three JR's ( not surprisingly) passed with flying colors and were well on their way to becoming good doggie citizens. So, I was surprised to get a call four weeks ago from the owners of Jack and Maggie. Jack was in need of a new home and the owners felt I could find new owners for Jack because I knew "a good deal " about the breed. Well, He's here and doing well. He was neutered two days after arriving here, And loves being the center of attention. For being a 7mo. old he's not anxious to test my athority, as most of my "teen age" Russells often are. He does have a quirk, the reason for his need for a new home. He loves being the center of attention!! He literally beat up on his sister anytime his previous owners gave her individual attention. This could be sibling rivallry or just his thing. He greeted all my dogs with a growling attack. Until he tried this greeting on my dog Pearl. She wasn't going to be greeted this way! So she let him have it back! He hasn't tried this greeting since but with this jealousy thing going I wouldn't recomend any children in his new family under the age of 10. He has done well with all of mine, (6-12) but he hasn't lived with them for a long period of time either. He needs much patience to introduce him to new things as he fears much. He is very handsome with a lot of tan markings. He's sweet, and very submissive. I only want a GOOD home for Jack! So if you know of a family or couple with older grown children who just want a good watch dog and companion...

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