Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Bica- The World Traveller
From: Cathie

My Jack Russell Story:

Hi! My Name is Bica (It's pronounced BEE-KA) and it is the Portuguese word for "espresso". I think my Mom named me that because I am so hyper and I jump around all the time. Anyway, my story is a funny one. My Mom travels on business a lot, and she travels on weekends too. On the weekend stuff, she likes to take me with her. I've flown all over the place with her. She carries me in a Sherpa bag and puts me under the seat. The last time I flew with her, she accidentally left part of the zipper open on the bag. So when meal time came around, I could smell all the good food. I was kinda hungry so I figured I better go for a jail break. Mom was sleeping so I slipped out of the bag and headed down the aisles seeing if anyone would give me something to eat. About 20 people thought I was "soccer" the celebrity dog that plays "wishbone" on TV. Geez can't they tell the difference between a male dog and a female dog? One lady gave me her cookie. Anyway, the flight attendants did not take kindly to my roaming and Mom woke up and was awfully mad at me. But she couldn't stop laughing, and I ended up getting some of her dinner anyway. I don't think she was too mad, but I am not sure she's going to take me flying again any time soon!

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