Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of lisa.evans@azlan.co.uk

Story Name: Herd the Sheepdog!
From: Lisa Evans

My Jack Russell Story:

Hey, Tiff's still here! And how! A few weeks ago, I was walking her down our local country lanes - off the lead as per - when I spied a jogger up ahead, a-jogging towards us. And with him was his Sheep Dog - Border Collie - a jogging along too. Mmm, I thought - do I snap her lead on quick? Or try my luck! I went for trusting my little babes! I thought they would probably bark at each other, then go their separate ways. Not so! The man approached at speed, with his dog, and passed on by, with his dog, and before I could blink, Tiff was close on their heels! Oh no! Too late - the Collie bolted down the lane, closely followed by a little white blur! Some way behind, ran the jogger, vainly shouting his dogs name and, some way behind him, ran myself, trying to call back Tiff! HOW embarrassing! Fortunately, Tiff gave up the chase where the lane joined the bigger road. Was I relieved?! Eventually she trotted back to me - her face a picture of triumph! When will I ever learn?!

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