Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Patches and Star
From: Robert and Jacquie Drey

My Jack Russell Story:

It was at least a year that It took me and my husband to agree with our son to get another dog after ours was hit by a car. I could'nt bare the thought of losing another animal. Needless to say in the paper there was an ad for JRT. They were 8 wks old. We had never heard of a JRT before so we were curious and of course brought our kids. They were on a farm and living right next to the cows and eating the same thing as them. They were very dirty and did not have thier shots. The mother and father were both there and were great dogs. We just had to get them out of there. We could only afford 2 and gave my mother in law one as a present. That was the best thing that we had done. Patches and her sister Star see each other all the time and my kids love them and they love them back. They are the best with kids and they surely let everyone in the neighborhood know that they are here. The dogs now get more attention than my kids!!!!!!

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