Jack Russell Story


Story Name: Have You Ever Seen This Act?
From: Arlene Charest

My Jack Russell Story:

My year old "Grand-dog", a male JRT, named Troy just amazed me at a friend's pool today and I wonder if you have seen anything like it.

My grandson, Josh, would throw a large, highly inflated beach ball out of the water, quite a way from the pool (the fencing surrounds a sizable area around the pool), and Troy would push it, using his paws and snout, rounding it up like a Border Collie guiding sheep. The large, ungainly ball would go every which way, but eventually Troy would get it to bounce back in the pool. Then he would "point" waiting for it to be thrown again and then repeat the whole act -- and do this endlessly, until Josh got tired of playing that game. What was so unusual was the challenges, getting the ball around bushes, rocks and pool furniture, where it would often get stuck and he would work on it till he was able to send it on its way into the pool.

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