Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Gizmo the Rock Climber
From: Justin Coburn

My Jack Russell Story:

I heard that Jack Russells could climb as well as they jumped but I never knew they could do it at ten weeks. I first found this out when we took our ten week old puppy, Gizmo, over to the coast by Morro Bay in Cyucas. There we were staying in a trailer park and there was an eighteen foot fence separating each lot. Well our pup, the adventurer that she, is wanted to go everywhere so she would put her front paws on the top of the small brick barrier and pull herself up this small brick barrier, to her it was like a high cliff reaching the clouds. Never the less she would always pull her way up to the top. When she got there she would stand high and proud on this mighty ledge and then jump off and repeat this process again and again. It was like seeing a rock climber climb up a mountain and then when reaching the top look proudly around and say I want want more. From there he would go climb Mount Everest again and again until he got tired. The problem was she never got tired and from there she wanted more. When we took her to the tide pools she would climb up the rocks like a mountain goat. It was amazing!

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