Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of SaudiDog@aol.com

Story Name: SaudiDog
From: Lisa Steingold

My Jack Russell Story:

My dog Saudi is part JRT, part beagle. I got her about 7 years ago from the humane society; she was 6 months old. Saudi has been a wonderful, entertaining, affectionate companion. Her silly way of sleeping under covers, chasing full grown german shephards around and of course wallowing in water always brings me a smile!! Everyone seems to smile when they see Saudi, she is always told how adorable she is by people when we go out to the park or on her walks.

When she was a pup she chewed everything, was endlessly active and my terrible terrier, now that she is a mature woman she lounges around and seems quite content with just an afternoon walk and of course lots of treats! She also likes to hang out with her cat brother, Tal.

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