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Story Name: "Is that a Jack Russell mix?"
From: Amy McPeters

My Jack Russell Story:

I recently took Heather (my 9-year-old JRTCA 13 1/2" smooth, brn & wht female, whom I have over 100 ribbons on - conformation, go-to-ground, and racing) to PetCo and a woman came up to me and asked, "Is that a Jack Russell mix?"

I was in shock! This woman had a little white mutt-like dog with a liver colored patch over its eye, at the end of a leash. Her dog looked nothing like a JRT. It had a long body, roached back, long curly tail, crooked front legs, pit-bull ears, round eyes, and a huge forehead.

I said, "She is a purebred Jack Russell, why do you ask?"

"Because my Jack Russell was the pick of the litter, and I was told that she was the best Jack Russell the breeder ever had, and your dog looks nothing like her," the woman said.

I explained that Heather had Foxwarren and Blencartha bloodlines and that she had show quality. The woman said that Jack Russells don't have pedigrees, and that 'I was given incorrect information.'

Can you believe that?! I was going to shows and paying registration fees all this time, and my dog shouldn't even have a pedigree. Go figure.

The woman walked away with her 'correct' JRT, and I said no more. The owner of the pet store came up to me and Heather and told me that he thought Heather was much prettier. I just smiled and said thanks.

Webmaster's Note: every breeder of Jack Russell Terriers should provide a pedigree and information about the breed to every person who purchases a puppy from them. Suggesting material to give potential and actual owners are the Bad Dog Talk, an application to the JRTCA, and any other information about the breed that you find from this site.

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