Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Kippy and Killians first lake experience
From: Keeley Larson

My Jack Russell Story:

We have a cabin in Central Minnesota, and the weekend before Memorial Day last spring Kippy had his first swimming experience...... Our Neighbors had already put out their dock, and there were a bunch of birds skimming the water top; eating bugs. Kippy, being a very curious JR wanted "in the worst way" to get to those birds. He wasn't sure about the dock thing, so after much contemplation, he cautiously went to put his little feet on top of the water and !!SPLOOSH!! in he went. I will never forget his expression of fear and bewilderment as he came up out of the water paddling away!! Now Killian.....Kippy's brother, who is quite a bit bigger than his agile brother, came up to visit a few weeks later, and wouldn't you know.... Kippy was "tormenting" his brother, as usual... Kippy ran down to the end of the dock and ABRUPTLY stopped when he got to the end. Poor Killian cluelessly just kept-a-runnin'... and that little incident about made all of us bust a gut!!! They both love to swim, and are constantly fishing for weeds, frogs, rocks, leaves, or anything that moves in the water. Sometimes even cheweez that the neighbors beagle keeps burying on the beach!! ; )

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