Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Reno...My Little Angel!
From: Janet Dalton

My Jack Russell Story:

My one year old JRT, Reno, has become the greatest joy of my life! I never imagined becoming so attached to a pet. About a year ago, I found out that I am unable to have children as the result of recurring tumors on my ovaries. I was heartbroken and extremely depressed. It was during this time that I purchased Reno from the parents of one of my elementary school students. I honestly believe she was a gift from Heaven...a much-needed little angel! I could never have gotten through this crisis without her. She has given me unconditional love and understanding (at least she acts as thought she understands!), and constantly makes me laugh. I'm told I'm lucky and that I have one of the best behaved JRTs trainers have ever seen. My little angel has me convinced that for the most part JRTs get a "bad rap." I thank God every day for sending her my way.

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