Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Ball Crazy
From: Jessie

My Jack Russell Story:

My magnificent JRT has this amazing obsession with any type of balls. I have a love for Hockey, Softball, Basketball and Soccer and when ever any of the balls come out jackie is Hunched down frantically staring at the ball, as soon as I move the ball she pounces gleefully spinning around and around. Sometimes she gets hit with the hockey balls and has to wait for a second to recover but then gets straight back out there. She is my best friend - although sometimes she can be annoying. When I am sitting in front of the T.V. she will slink up to the side of the chair(she isn't allowed in the T.V. room) and put her paws up and beg to be cuddled, most of the time I give in but when I have to say no, I shamefully push her trying not to seem like an ogre. I love her, even when she begs. Sometimes she can be the most energetic thing and then suddenly become soft and adorable. I guess that is just one of the Jack Russell's special abilities.

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