Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jed, The Backyard Terrorist
From: Brett Sebastian

My Jack Russell Story:

Hello again, I have another story about young Jed. Jed the master of battles. Since we live in the suburbs of Houston, we do not have many vermin in our backyard, therefore he resorts to fighting with his arch enemy, the 2 liter bottle. At some point in his young life, he obtained an empty 2 liter Coke bottle and began fighting it. The battle is ongoing and the 2 liter bottle has lost many times. Young Jed, living up to his given name, Jedi Knight, also battles with two other enemies inside the house; the broom and the dustbuster. Just begin using them and he goes to battle. One day, Jed found the dustbuster on the floor, he sniffed it, barked at it and attacked. He's a very brave guy.

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