Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Buster the Scuba Diver
From: Cathy Larson

My Jack Russell Story:

Buster, whose real name is Lakeshore Sebastian, is a neutered six year old male, about 13.5 " tall. He has two favorite sports. One is "ball" to which he is almost as addicted as a Scot to Scotch. His other favorite pastime is diving for rocks on the shore of Mousam Lake in Maine where we live. He will dive for rocks that are thrown by cooperative shore dwellers or he will fish for his own rocks with his toes, diving in to bring them up and deposit them on shore. He dives deep under the water, holding his breath for several minutes while he locates his prize rock. I have often thought of getting him some goggles and taking his picture for Funniest Home Videos. He looks a lot like a fat white seal pup with large expressive dark eyes. He opens his eyes under water, too. He doesn't appear to suffer any ill effects from his scuba diving. Apparently, he is not the only Jack Russell Terrier who enjoys this pastime. If you have a scuba diver, let us hear about him.

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