Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: GOTCHYA!
From: William and Sherrie

My Jack Russell Story:

Hello, I have a handsome 13mo. old JRT, named Einstein. He has quite a personality, and sometimes I feel he's too smart for me,by outwitting me alot of times. He's very testing, I command him to stay in the rear of the vehicle and he will defy my command and jump in the front. One time I hid around the vehicle, from his site,and when he jumped in the front, I jumped up and said, "Get in the back!"...and he did. So far so good, he stays in the back now. It seems scare tactics work best with him. Otherwise I would spend hours showing him what I want him to do, and then he'd show me what HE WANTS to do! But does anybody have any suggestions on how I can get him not to whine or bark so much??????? Sometimes I can't keep an eye on him while doing yard work, and when he's in his kennel he constantly barks. The water squirting works for a while, but how do you keep them from whining so much? Help? Thanks!

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