Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Eddie does the Lake
From: Julie Tapp

My Jack Russell Story:

Our 1 year old JRT, Eddie, loves water! One day we were going to take the boat to the lake, and decided that Eddie might enjoy the scenery. We all climbed into the boat and sped around the lake. He loved standing up front, eyes closed, with the wind in his hair. Eventually we anchored in a small cove. My husband jumped into the water wearing a life jacket and called to Eddie. Eddie was perched on the back of the boat, sporting his own neon green "doggie" life jacket, and jumped out into the water. We attached his leash to a ring on the back of the jacket, so he could swim to his little hearts content - only he wasn't really going anywhere!! My father was fishing off of the front of the boat with a bobbing cork. Eddie thought it was a ball and was trying hard to swim over to it. We laughed for hours!

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