Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Basketball player!!!
From: Suzanne Havasy

My Jack Russell Story:

The daughter of my Jack Russell whose name is Bea is such an excellent basketball player. Can you believe it? You can throw the basketball one time and she catches it with her nose and throws it up in the air and then dives after it like a little wild woman! Bea keeps herself entertained for hours at a time with her basketball and when its not the basketball its a tennis ball or a rag toy. She has much more energy than her mother who will be five this November. Of course the mother Sammie Girl is my kid and I wouldn't take a million dollars for her. Had to share the basketball story though, Bea is a small Jack Russell probably 10 pounds soaking wet and to see her flying around the yard with a full size basketball will just make you crack up to see her.

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